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USDA certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Cold pressed, raw, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil. Scented with organic essential oils.

Whole body multifunctional miracle oil - Skin | Hair | Beauty | Wellness


This certified USDA organic cold pressed, raw coconut oil is a powerful multi functional miracle oil, inspired by Fijian island life. This unique whole body oil is created with just two simple non-GMO plant-based ingredients and offers pure nourishment for all the family. Be prepared for an aromatic journey through nature's apothecary as you breathe in one of our earthy scents, made using only the purest of organic essential oils. A versatile product which offers many uses from skin quenching hydration, holistic healing, beauty hacks, baby benefits & so much more. Fuel your health and wellness routines with organic coconut oil!

How to Use

Enjoy this organic coconut oil to moisturize your skin, nourish your hair, to treat skin conditions, as a holistic first aid ointment, as a luxurious massage/facial oil, as baby/infant balm, to reduce the appearance of scars, as a beauty routine essential and so much more!

Note: True organic coconut oil will solidify under 76°F. If the environment you keep this product in is under 76°F you will need to naturally warm the oil up. The most simple way to warm the oil is to float the bottle in some warm water for a few minutes, or put the bottle on the floor of the shower until you're ready to use it. Please check out our liquefying tutorial for more information.